Nathaniel Update

s been an eventful half year but amazing to see what God has been doing. He has brought people into my life from across Europe who cary the same passion for skate ministry and life. 

When I was serving in Africa on my DTS God Brough a random staff dude onto it, he was a Kewi so from New Zealand, he was a surfer so one of them that I connected most with on that trip. During the summer one of the girls from my DTS got married in Berlin. I knew he was planning on coming but didn't know when. One Sunday afternoon after Church I was eating lunch with my small group and I get a cal from him, i didn't answer and texted him saying i would call him back later. 

After a while I finally got home and gave him a call. His response was “Nathaniel! Im in Berlin where is your couch!?” I was so stoked! He was such a good friend and it was the best surprise i could ask for. During his time here there was an outreach team here from Cape Town, the leader and I had met when I was in South Africa last year and John and him had also been room mates a couple years back. Over all it was so good and encouraging having dudes that were “like me” to hang with and grow with.  

During the summer we hosted a skate camp, I had high hopes for at least 40 people from across Europe and maybe the states but instead it was one dude from Amsterdam named Fulvio. Each thing that God puts before me is a growing experience and just being the two of us had its moments where God was growing each of us. Fulvio, had such a heart for evangelism and it was great to be able to pour into him. One day we went to the refugee center and it was closed so we sat in the park across the street and just chilled waiting for God to show us something. Fulvio sees a guy and follows him and tells him about Jesus and he gets saved! The guy was drug dealer. While this was all happening a man sits down next to me on the bench, he was a refugee, I had a conversation for almost 10 minutes in German with the guy. Two amazing conversations! Such a blessing!

Another person that came my way was Voytcha who was from the Czech. It still amazes me the people God brings around. This dude was so rad! and had such a huge heart for skateboarders. I was also able to encourage him and when he left he was so passionate about seeing he crew get saved. We both were sitting on a park bench and were chatting about how we wanted to see Jesus more in our lives and in the skate culture here in Europe. I believe God is waking it up and more and more will soon happen. 

I was involved in countless small and big outreaches around the city. I sat down and started talking with two refugees one afternoon at the immigration center. I asked why they came to Germany? They responded that they had changed their faith. I began to think, there is only one religion that would make you leave a country. I asked what religion they changed to? they responded, were christians. I was so excited, “I am too!” I said. They abandon everything because of Jesus, friends, family and were threatened that if they return they would be killed. These men are great heres in my eyes who follow Jesus. Please continue to pray for the purcuted Church. 

Durning the spring some friends of mine and I talked about road tripping to Norway. One of them had parents who owned a camper van I didn't know much about Norway or actually anything. We met John about half way through in a small town called Voss. He know the Pastor of the local church and we made contact. The pastor has been discipling a few of refugees that have moved to Voss. Each Thursday they make chicken and have a big meal and do a message and some worship. They were all so welcoming and so nice. The Pastor was also a sheep farmer so we headed up to his place the next day to help gather the sheep out of the Vally. I learned allot about sheep that day, sheep can be really dumb and I mean really dumb. But it was the best experience ever. I walked around with a Norwegian man who had a construction company who was sharing his food and life with us. God showed me so much through the sheep, now I understand more of what Jesus meant about about being the Shepard. 

During the time in Norway we found an old skatepark with quite a few dudes at it. We stopped and I started talking with some, they were so nice too. Then I gave them some stickers and shared a little about Jesus and they were so stoked!! 

The day after I got back, I was in Nuremberg and Zac in Berlin so we both met up in Stuttgart for a church outreach with the SRS BMX Guys. It was such a great time! They set up a pump track, (Pump tracks are bike ramp that you ride for speed.) they had food, and everything. After the bike contest I got up and spoke. It was so encouraging having other dudes who are solid and into action sports too. Over all it was a great weekend. 

In the end of October we had some visitors for a couple days. Huckleberry and Mike from Calling All Skaters Barcelona our other friend from Frankfurt came out for the weekend too. It was the raddest thing ever having 6 of us in all coming together with the same passion to see skateboards meet Jesus. 

November 7th was a big day and I moved to Nuremberg in the south of Germany. Over the course of a few months I sensed that God was leading in a newer direction and I moved to Nuremberg. Currently I am working with YWAM here as well as doing German language school. Believing that God has called me here long term I believe language school is a very important key. In April I should finish and be fluent which will make a big difference in building relationships with locals and skaters around Germany. 

This year Zac spent over 4 months in Germany helping with skate ministry, it was such a blessing having family close and being able to have help in seeing skate ministry happen even more. The future is bright and looking into it I am so excited for what the Lord has in store. Over the winter I will be working on networking and planning out the spring and summer months and events. This coming year we want to focus on building a bigger team and having a bigger presence at events around Germany as well as pressing into the local skate scene here as well as in Berlin. Next summer we are having a outreach team come through for a couple weeks and do skate ministry around Berlin and here. 

I would like to thank you so much for your prayers and support this year! It really means so much! And we saw God do so so so much. Reflecting on the past year as a whole its crazy to see the people and relationships that were formed and the people I was able to pour into. 

Dudes, Berlin