Ministry Update from Zac in Dubai

Hey Yo!

It's been a crazy past few months. I worked at a camp last summer and I found out about a ministry in Dubai, No Plan B,  that needed help starting up a skate church (a youth group for skaters, scooter-riders, etc.) At first I didn't think much about it. However, after camp I started considering it. I worked for my Dad's masonry company about 4 months and over those 4 months I felt that Dubai was where God was leading me.

So on January 3rd, 2015 I flew to Dubai! Cameron and I are the skate interns so we spend a lot of time helping run the skate park with Jeremy (the park manager). On Monday nights we have "No Plan B Night." No Plan B Night is the night that the skaters can come and skate the park for free. Here in March we are going to do our first official skate church which will hopefully look like: a night of free skating, free pizza, and a video testimony from Christian Hosoi. We also help out at the beach on Saturday mornings. We set up a tent on the beach and give free surf lessons to the kids. We also do an occasional trip to Abu Dhabi with a bunch of other skaters to skate, film, and love on the other skaters in the area.

Sharing the Gospel is much different here then in the USA. You can't just go up to someone and tell them about Jesus, thats actually illegal here which makes ministry more difficult. There is still definitely a way we can do it and not break the law though. We are allowed to share our faith if someone asks us about it. So, when someone asks us we tell them. We are learning to look for opportunities to share faith and bring Jesus into the conversations while still obeying the law. 

Please pray for Dubai, that we would love the people of this culture, and that they would come to know Jesus as their personal Lord, Savior, and friend. So, thats my life right now, thank you so much for all your prayers. 

Peace Yo.