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*Skaters of Christ Skateboard Ministry is a Youth Mission Division of Homeschool America Inc, a registered 501c3 Charitable Nonprofit Organization. All donations are tax deductable*


Ways you can Actively support our Skaters of Christ Skateboard Ministry:

Become a Prayer Partner:

Pray for our global mission

Pray for the people we seek to reach

Pray for our skateboard missionaries 

Become a Monthly Financial Supporter or a     one-time supporter

Donate a Gift Card (MasterCard or Visa) 

Gift cards are a unique way you can actively support Skaters of Christ. Your gift card will be used to pay travel expenses, to purchase skate product and ministry items we give away (tracts, Bibles, stickers, t-shirts, hats, etc.), or as a competition prize at Skaters of Christ events.

Give to our Bible and Tract Fund

This money pays for Bibles and Tracts distributed during outreach events

Give to our Skate Product Fund

We are always in need of skate product to give out at events. Money donated to this fund pays for items such as skateboards, stickers, hats, t-shirts, etc.

Donate non-cash items

There are two types of non-cash items we accept:

1. Non-cash items donated by businesses or individuals such as skate product, pocket-size Bibles, etc.

2. Non-cash items--large or small, vintage or modern (books, vehicles, assets, precious metals, jewellery, real estate, etc.)--in usable above market value condition that we can sell. Sale proceeds from donated items go directly to Skaters of Christ Skateboard Ministry

Mailing address:

Skaters of Christ Skateboard Ministry:

313 N High Street

Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

*For financial gifts being sent via a Personal Check, Cashier's Check, or Money Order, please make them payable to: Skaters of Christ. For Gift Cards being sent, please include the card amount and tell us what you would like the gift card used for. Received funs that do not specify a certain area of use by the giver will be placed in the Skaters of Christ General Fund, and are used according to greatest ministry need.*

We thank you for your ministry support. If you have questions regarding your giving choice please call: (920) 650-3927.

Zac and Nathaniel with some competitors from a contest hosted by Skaters of Christ at a local skatepark.